Physhion® is designed for women who are savvy, stylish and focused on fitness. Always on the go, the physhion® woman needs accessories that allow her to manage all the facets of her personal and professional life.

Quality accessory offering tremendous aesthetic value with incredible versatility and functionality for women on the go. Physhion® is the go-to brand for the active woman – combining a passion for fashion with an essential need for style and functionality.

The Physhion® Story ...

Lisa Tave, Designer

Physhion®—From A Lifestyle Choice to A Lifestyle Brand.  

Looking back, I have always considered myself to be fashion conscious and in good physical shape. Although, it was not until my entrance into the workforce, that I began to see things differently.   As a young woman with a full-time job and active social life—I had a multitude of things I needed to accomplish each day and a very limited amount of time to do it in.


So my story (physhion®) begins …

Prior to becoming a full-time mother to my four boys, I worked directly for the CEO of a Fortune 50 company and operated in the public relations arena for another publicly traded company. 

As I always strived to maintain both a fit as well as a fashionable lifestyle, I realized there was an enormous void in the fitness industry—not only for the fashion-conscious professional woman but also for the style-savvy mom-on-the-go.  While there may have been many fitness bags available to women in general, each lacked the functionality to directly meet the essential needs of an active, style-conscious women—managing personal and/or professional schedules and deadlines that do not leave time to pack multiple bags to carry them through their activity-filled days. 

Subsequently, in 2007 I founded physhion®—a collection conceived as a result of my need for fashion-forward accessories to meet my active lifestyle. I desired a stylish solution for my everyday demands for fitness, running around town and being a mom.  The physhion® concept provides a fashion-enabling solution based on quality and style to meet the needs of today’s active women and their diverse lifestyles.

 Functional, chic and fashion-forward, the line is designed with different silhouettes to fit the lifestyles of distinctly different women with their own style.  Made of the highest quality materials, each bags design is beautifully executed. Physhion® bags are delightfully deceiving: the exterior facades are elegant and streamlined, never letting on that the interiors can contain all the sometimes unseemly needs of the active woman without breaking the design – all while remaining 100% waterproof.  

The physhion® collection does not scream, “I just came from the gym!” It “whispers” it. From the outside, the bag expresses fashion and design but on the inside it reveals its true identity. It identifies with the healthy and strong, but feminine and fashionable.

Physhion® caters to the unique needs of the fashion-conscious women on the go. Whether they’re headed to the office, on a business trip, hitting the gym, meeting friends for dinner, picking up the kids, or headed out few days vacation with the family—physhion® takes them where they need to go.

Physhion® is a lifestyle brand—built upon the principle that the active life can be luxurious and organized in chic, fashion-forward style. 

Ultimately, my goal is to brand physhion® to be a recognized household name—expanding the line to a full active-wear brand to meet the needs of not only active women but those of active families.